Beef Jerky Website Design

January 8, 2013

The Beef Jerky Website

Being a nationwide provider of website design and development we do not always have the luxury of using our clients services or being in the target market for their products. When it comes to The Jerky Connection…well lets just say we eat all the profits!

The Jerky Connection’s product is not just tasty beef jerky but several of their brands come packed with a heat level well beyond hot. Their ‘Seven Gates of Hell’ line features 7 flavors starting with Gate 1 and ending with Gate 7. They use some of the hottest peppers known to man. Recognize Designs is located in south Louisiana so finding a product that satisfies the need for heat is hard to come by and The Jerky Connection always hits the spot!

The design we created for them recently won an award. We have been extremely pleased to offer our website design services to our friends at The Jerky Connection along with other items like an animated gif ad banner, full ecommerce development, multiple static ad banners, and even a vehicle wrap design.


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January 8, 2013


Derek Quave