Website Design Baton Rouge

January 24, 2013

Website Design Baton Rouge

Recognize is now offering website design in Baton Rouge. With our teams expert knowledge we can help you build anything from a simple website to a fully functional eCommerce website for your Baton Rouge business. If you are looking to build a new website this article may be helpful to you.

For the purpose of this simple overview article we will divide websites into three major categories..

1: Static Website (aka Informational, Brochure site, standard site)
2. Dynamic Website (aka Content Management System site, Database site)
3. Ecommerce Website

Static Website: A standard informational website is great from promoting a company, product, or service online. This is by far the cheapest route and you have more freedom to edit the code quick and cheap. Just about anyone who calls themselves a developer can help you out with edits and updates to this site. On a static website each page needs some version of its on file such as about.html. Please note that just because the core of the site is static (or not driven by variables or databases) does not mean that it cannot still render dynamic content. Great examples of this are Facebook and Twitter plugins.

Dynamic Website: Although generally more expensive to develop a dynamic site can give you the power of a content management system (CMS) like WordPress. If you need to create new pages easily, add posts to a blog, add users to your site, and even sell products you will need a website like this. Even if you feel that a CMS is not something you or your company will use a WordPress type website can still have its benefits. With a huge community of plugin developers, extending your site can be extremely simple. Plugins extend the functionality of your website and just about everything you can think can be found and added to your site. In the WordPress community most of these plugins are even free.

Ecommerce Website: Sell stuff online, simple right? The problem is your options. A simple google for ‘ecommerce website’ or ‘ecommerce website design’ will deliver a multitude of options which include both hosted and self-hosted platforms. A hosted option would be companies like Shopify and Volusion. These types of options are great for small businesses that do not plan on much growth in terms of traffic and sales. A hosted site generally changes transaction fees (above and beyond what your payment processors charge) and they may limit your bandwidth and storage. Without full code access you may find your options for designers and developers limited. Now we come to the second tier of ecommerce website options which are self-hosted. Although you may not find ‘doing it yourself’ possible with a self-hosted solution you will have full access to your source code. Most of the popular self-hosted platforms are open-source (free source code) and are supported by a community or users. Some examples are Magento, Opencart, and Prestashop. You may need a website developer and website designer to assist you with your initial setup but once complete you will not need to pay any monthly fees except to host the site.

Whatever you decide be sure to read a lot of articles, do your homework, and make sure the website you choose will last you and your business for years to come. If you would like to hire us to work with you can find us on Elance or if you are a local website designer in Baton Rouge just use the link below to get started.

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Recognize handles your project communications online so that you will stay well connected and offer as much or as little feedback as you need while your project progresses. You can also add team members to your project to help you manage the details of any ongoing design work. Our online collaboration helps everyone stay in the loop at all times.

Website Design Baton Rouge

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January 24, 2013


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